FSFE Identity


We're conducting research to renew the identity of FSFE.


Our work will consist of a reflection on our work through the history of the organization and coming to a shared definition of what FSFE is.
Our primary focus will be on taking interviews from volunteers, coordinators, employees and others who feel that they have a connection with FSFE, but not exclusively those groups. Also people outside of the FSFE who have come in contact with our work and will be able to reflect not only how we perceive the FSFE from inside the organisation, but how we’ve managed to convey our identity to the public over the years.

If you want to be part of the interview process please fill in this survey.

Here is the interview release form which explains further how we will treat the data: https://wiki.fsfe.org/Teams/FSFE-in-2020/ReleaseForm





There are 7 questions in this survey.

Personal Information

First and Last Name


Email Address
E-mail address

Phone number


The interviews will be via phone call, so the phone number will be important in order to contact you.


Landline Telephone number
 "Please give both a landline number and mobile number as this may help FSFE to reduce costs."

FSFE identity

How do you associate with the FSFE?
I am a fellow/supporter of the FSFE
I am a member of the FSFE e.V.
I am a volunteer and member of one of the working teams
I am a member of FSFE's legal network
I am following the FSFE newsletter and/or social media but don't have any other relation
I am working with people from the FSFE, but in an external capacity
I am a member of an another Free Software Community and I have just heard about FSFE from other members.